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  • What does a woman in the IT industry think about International Women’s Day?

    It is definitely not March now; my intention with this post is to encourage companies to make a change for real in 2024. If you have been attending Women in IT ( events from 2017, you know that there has not been any event on March 8th, which has been intentional. I am forever grateful…

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  • AI for the Rest of Us

    In the ever-evolving technological landscape, AI has emerged as a transformative force, reshaping industries and redefining human capabilities. However, amidst the excitement surrounding AI’s capabilities, concerns about fairness and inclusivity have come to the forefront. The need for AI models that prioritize equity and inclusivity in their training processes has never been more pressing.

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About Women in IT

Women in IT ( is an independent group that empowers women and non-binary within the IT industry. This group is a safe, inclusive, supportive, and inspiring community for everyone working, studying, or interested in IT. Being part of this group should feel like being part of a family where asking questions, sharing stories, and learning from each other is encouraged when we meet.

How it all began

Women in IT ( is the result of a female software engineer, Samaneh Utter, who wanted to build a supportive community within IT.

It all started with weekly female developer lunches at Lindholmen in Göteborg with some colleagues and friends in 2016. The lunches repeated for more than a year and the number of participants grew. It was obvious that there was a need for a community, that is why Samaneh created a Meetup group in 2017 to expand this group further. Many companies have supported and hosted events for this group with diverse and interesting agendas.

As a minority both due to the male-dominated industry and also having Sweden as her second and current home since 2008, it felt important for Samaneh to highlight the power and importance of diversity within this industry.

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